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“…My journey started about two years ago when my husband introduced me to the basic fundamentals of Crossfit. We have a gym of our own, however as stubborn as I am, I wouldn’t listen to a damn thing he said. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t lift any weight, I hated “the Snatch” and I just wasn’t getting any of the fundamentals down. At least that is the way it was in my brain. He got fed up with me and introduced me to CrossFit New Hampshire, where he said that I would like it. He was following this “Samy” person for years and thought that I would be a good fit there. I signed up for the On Ramp class, where I thought I would be making a fool out of myself. I was hoping to show Derek that I am not incapable of learning, and I wanted him to know that this is something that we could do together. CrossFit IS fun he kept telling me, but I was lost of self confidence. I didn’t want to be a failure in my husband’s eyes.

So On Ramp I went – and got my butt kicked, yet I returned day after day after day. I met some really great people there, and they quickly became friends. In August, of last year, I found this program that is specific to “Females on the front lines”. In this program, we live with the Special Forces. It’s a groundbreaking program, and I was going to attend an Assessment and Selection. I went to Samy with the idea, knowing he was part of my new found family, and that he is full of experience in his past career. To help me prepare for selection, Samy hosted a 24 hour open gym session where we did a WOD every hour on the hour. This helped me find my inner drive and realize that my body may be tired, yet my mind is stronger and I need to press on. I drove on through CrossFit New Hampshire’s training, rarely missing a day. Selection occurred in September, and during this hell, all I could think about was “Don’t quit” this is easy for you. I went on numerous unknown distance rucks, runs and all sorts of things. Believe it or not, it was a vast array of fundamental movements, from squatting this log, and carrying this awkward piece of equipment so on and so on.
All I can say is that here I am, today in the lovely mountains of AFG. I made it, and to know that with CrossFit New Hampshire, and my husband Derek’s drive, I can keep up with some of the most elite forces in the Army.”

Samy Daghir

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