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“…I struggle to put into words what CrossFit New Hampshire means to me. How can I possibly convey what it means to have been pulled from the brink and saved from myself? I can barely articulate what it is that has saved me, let alone tell you about the journey.

It’s this community.

It’s people who taught me to believe in myself and realize who I could become. It’s being coached in the box in a way that translates to the rest of life.

How is it that one extra burpee, or one last rep of a lift makes me a better person every day? How does the short, skinny guy suddenly realize that he is fast, and agile, and isn’t just getting stronger, but has become someone that IS strong? Certainly I’m fitter. But it’s not just that…

It’s Me 2.0. It’s purpose. And determination. And perseverance.

Sure my body is more durable and capable, I can see and feel muscle tone where I once clearly could not. But how do I tell you what has happened with my mind? It’s the knowledge that now is the time to get busy living.

My life has changed because these people have helped me realize I had the potential to become something better than I was; and that potential had been there the entire time. How could I have no idea of the something, someone I could become should the desire be there. It is. And for me, the change has been profound, and [even though I am trying here] indescribable.

Yet, everyday there is a warrior next to me on the pull-up bar, or on a run, or putting up weights, who is going through the same profound changes. I know it. They know it. We celebrate it. Every day this community grows within itself. We’re all on this journey together and it’s impossible to imagine not being a part of something this amazing, to do it alone would pale as an experience by comparison. In some ways it might seem easier to keep for ourselves, to hide our daily strife and triumphs so that only we can see our success or failures. But we don’t. We invite others into the fold with us, because the more of us that sweat, and toil, exhaust ourselves, and slug forward through whatever WOD awaits…

… We know it will all amount to an ever greater victory. Sharing this with this community of people who have unconditionally shown me their strengths and weaknesses is what keeps my focus on that which truly matters; not pride, or shame, or any kind of image to uphold among peers. Just pure, real, unyielding effort to better oneself.

Now the focus I had placed on my life, my improvement, my fitness gains, isn’t actually about me anymore.

It’s about us, this family we train among, all of our lives, and fighting to better every aspect of them side by side.

That’s the power I see in CrossFit; it defines our community at CFNH.”


Samy Daghir

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