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The CrossFit Games Open Approaches!

Warm-up Drills
I. Speed Rope Drills/Coach’s Choice
II. Mobility

Notes: Athletes will be working on Single-under/Double-under proficiency during the Speed Rope portion of the warm-up.

Impact/Focus: Rope Climbs & Handstand Walks
Complete 5 Rounds for quality of
2 x Rope Climbs
*Handstand Skill Task

Notes: Rope Climbs will be scaled for those new to this movement. Handstand kick-ups, shoulder taps, distance handstand walking, etc will be some of the skill level options available. Enjoy, freaks.

Complete for time
50 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
30 x KB Snatch (24/16gs)
30 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
20 x KB Snatch (24/16gs)
10 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
10 x KB Snatch (24/16gs)

Notes: 30 x KB Snatch should be read as 15 reps Right side and 15 reps left side; athletes may alternate however frequently they desire providing all the reps are completed before moving on to Wallball.

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