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DSC_0525_2**30-Day Paleo Reminder**
We will continue collecting nutrition logs and having participants complete their 30 day weigh in, body fat percentage and/or body mass index metrics. No pressure.

Warm-up Drills
I. Indoor Run
II. 2-3 Rounds of
50ft x Slamball Throw (Forward)
50ft x Slamball Throw (Reverse)
7 x Burpees
III. Mobility

“CrossFit Total”
Your goal for today’s workout is to find your one repetition max in 3 attempts at each lift. Athletes will perform three warm up sets of 3-5 reps before making 3 attempts at a 1-rep max. Each movement will have a 15-20:00 clock.

Back Squat 1-1-1
Press 1-1-1
Deadlift 1-1-1

Notes: The following is an excerpt from the article describing the CrossFit Total and it’s relative role as a fitness benchmark.
“Anyone in a position to attempt a legitimate CrossFit Total should be familiar enough with their capabilities on the lifts to have a fairly good idea of just what might be possible for a one-rep max (1RM). This number is what you warm up intending to do. A meet situation will involve three attempts, and this is a good way to determine a true 1RM.
The first attempt would be a weight you know you can do for a heavy set of three. The second attempt would be a weight you know without any doubt that you could do for a single, having just done the first attempt. And the third attempt is the weight you want to do, based on your performance on the previous two attempts.”

CrossFit Journal Article December 1, 2006 Link to full article 

Post loads & total to comments.

Skill Development (Optional)
Row 8 Rounds of (250m x :30 rest)

Post best/worst/median times to comments.

Samy Daghir

2 thoughts on “02.10.2015”

  1. Back Squat: 335lbs (-10)
    Press: 170lbs (-5)
    Deadlift: 405lbs (same as last “CFT”)

    I was dragging on this one today… Booooo


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