No Baby Leave The Socks On: January 30, 2016

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CFNH has numerous athletes competing in this event; join us to support our comrades or register and join in the fray!

No Baby Leave The Socks On
Ladies can register in the Rx, Scaled or Party Division via link above…

“The first “No Baby, Leave the Socks on” competition happened in the summer of 2011. We wanted to give our ladies a chance to compete in a competition especially designed for women only.
First we wanted to change the perception of what ladies fitness looks like and help foster a more positive self-image. One where athletism and capability trumped bodyweight and promoted the idea that “Strong is the new skinny”.

Second, we wanted it to be a ton of fun!
We made the events exciting with Car pulls, Deadlift ladders and Atlas stones. Our ladies loved showing their strength.

We only have one requirement. You have to wear weightlifting socks. Booty shorts were optional. That’s when we came up with the tongue and cheek name for the competition: No baby, Leave the Socks on. As you can imagine what happens when you get a bunch of bad ass lady athletes into a competition with this name it took on a life of it’s own.

Our ladies came dressed to impress with bright colors, matching outfits and socks of all kinds. Though they had fun accessorizing they came to throwdown. The displays of athletism and strength were impressive.

This first take of the Socks competition was legendary. Images of our ladies doing bad ass sh#t spread across the net. We held two more summer versions and then partnered with Shoreline CrossFit to hold a winter version called “No baby leave the Stockings on”. Word spread quickly and it turned into a semi-annual event.

Due to popular demand we have decided to take this competition national, and eventually worldwide.”

From the NO BABY website:
January 30 WODs
Ladies can register in the Rx, Scaled or Party Division.

WOD #1
8 Minutes to establish a 3 Rep Max (3RM) of the following movement:

Hanging Clean

Basic standards:
The first rep can start with the bar on the ground or from the hang. It’s up to the athlete.
Clean can be squat or power.

WOD #2
8 Minute AMRAP
5 Thrusters (95/65/45)(Rx/Scaled/Party)
10 Bar-over-burpees

Basic standards:
Normal competition standards for thrusters.
Athlete must stand up and step or jump over the bar between burpees.
Rolling over the bar is a no-go.

WOD #3
10 Minute AMRAP
12 Box Jumps (24/20/20)
18 Wall Ball Shots (14/10/10) all to a 9 foot target.
24 Double Unders (Single Unders can be subbed 3:1 for Scaled and 2:1 for Party)

Basic standards:
You may step up and step down on the box jumps.
Party athletes can use any height box and any weight ball…it’s the Party Division.
Bring your own rope. 🙂
Tie Breaker

Use the score on WOD #2 as the tie breaker.
If the athletes also tied on WOD #2 the tie breaker is the score on WOD #3.
If the athletes are tied on WODs 2 and 3 they complete 20 burpee box jumps to a 20 inch box for time. The athlete with the fastest time wins. 2 Minute time cap. Step ups and step downs allowed.

Final WOD
Top 5 Ladies in each division compete in the Final WOD.
5 RFT (12 minute time cap)
5 Deadlifts (155/115/95)
10 Box Jumps (24/20/20)
10 Pull-Ups (Rx only)

Basic standards:
Bar starts on the ground. Tap and go reps are allowed. No bouncing.
Box jumps must be on the same side of the box. No box-jump-overs.
Athletes may step up and step down.
Pull-ups are NOT chest to bar. Athletes must get their chin over the bar on every rep.

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