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– Our September on-ramp will begin Thursday September 3rd at 6:00pm
– There will be no classes this coming Monday in observance of Labor Day

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice
II. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Snatch Singles
Based on the 1 rep maximum established last Wednesday complete the following percentage based sets/reps below every other minute, on the minute (EOMOTM)
2 x 75%
2 x 75%
2 x 75%
1 x 80%
1 x 80%
1 x 90%
1 x 90%

Post scores to comments.

Complete as many Rounds/Reps in 12:00 of
Row 250m
15 x Pull-ups
20 x Ring Push-ups

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development
I. 3 sets of 20 x GHD Sit-ups
II. 3 sets of 10 x Back Extensions
III. 4 sets of 8 x Glute Ham Raises
IV. 15 x DB Complexf

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