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-Our November On-Ramp begins next Tuesday Nov 3rd at 6:00pm!
-Join us for the Three Wise Men Veterans Day Workout! (Info HERE)

Warm-up Drills
I. Coaches Choice
II. Mobility

“Zombie Circus”
Step right up for some fun.

Today’s workout will test your speed, strength, agility, coordination, and determination. Want to know more? You’ll have to come find out…

Score you ask? The only object of the game is to finish the tasks that are presented to you.

Skill Development
Mobilize: try new stretches/techniques, foam roll, lacrosse ball, barbells, etc.

Samy Daghir

2 thoughts on “10.30.2015”

  1. Each round was
    30ft zombie crawl
    1 x rig traverse
    2 x tomb stone jump circuit
    ?? Pumpkin carries @various lbs
    26-30 floor wipers

    That was a blast!


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