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FullSizeRender-44Warm-up Drills
I. Speed Rope 2:00
II. 2-3 rounds of
5 x Power Clean (45lbs)
5 x Front Squat
5 x Push Press
5 x Overhead Squat
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus #1: Overhead Squat
Warm up as needed (3 sets x 5 reps) before completing the following workload. Increase weight each set, working towards a 1-rep max for the day.

Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1

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Impact/Focus #2: Power Clean
Warm up as needed (3 sets x 5 reps each) before completing the following workload for Power Clean.

Power Clean 4-4-4-4 (75%)

Notes: Athletes should attempt to complete 4 x Touch N’ Go repetitions; warm-up well in order to facilitate 4 working sets at 75% of a recent 1RM. Reference numbers from 06.07.2016

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5-10:00 Metabolic Conditioning

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