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img_1594-2Warm-up Drills
I. Games…
II. Mobility

“Concentration Gradient”
In teams of two athletes, with each responsible for half of the following workload, complete for time:
50 x Pull-ups
50 x Push-ups
50 x Kneeling Slamball (40/20lbs)
Row 50kcal
50 x Push Press (95/65lbs)
50 x Abmat Sit-ups
50 x Pull-ups

Notes: Only one athlete may be working at a time with exception to Kneeling Slamball (40/20lbs), which involves catching a partner’s rep rebound, and Partner Weighted Abmat Sit-ups, which is the athlete’s passing a 20lb Medicine Ball over head while in the supine position during each repetition.

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development
I. Goat work and Mobility efforts
II. Supplemental Pull-up Training: Negatives for 3-5 sets of 5 reps each

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