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IMG_0032”And it’s the chance — to find out what I could [really] do… No, I don’t like work. I’d much rather laze about and think of all the fine things that could be done.
I don’t like work, no man truly does. But I like what is in the work… The chance to find yourself.
Your own reality. For yourself, not for others. What no other man can ever know.”
–Marlow, Heart of Darkness

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 2:00
II. 6:00 Dynamic Warm-up
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Hip Circles
Walking Lunges
III. Mobility

“Choose Your Own Adventure”
Complete the following workload for each respective movement/station as quickly as possible.
1:00 or 15 x Toes-2-Bar
1:00 or 3 x Shuttle Sprints
1:00 or 20 x Russian Twists (40/20lbs)
1:00 or 10 x Burpees

Notes: Athletes may either grind through a ruthless time trial workload for the entire minute or perform a max effort sprint/unbroken set of work; this ensures maximal rest and thus better repeat maximal efforts across the day’s training. Get some, freaks.

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development
ROMWOD: “Strong Foundation”

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