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1. We are once again helping the Manchester Christian Church and NH Fisher Cats who are teaming up for “One Day of Community”. Their goal is provide back-to-school supplies for under-resourced children in the Manchester school system. Please feel free to fill as many bags as you’d like. As you can see from the photo, the items on the list were purchased for just $8.25. The bags will be collected on July 28th. Thank you all for helping with this great cause!!!
2. New T-Shirt and Tank top pre-order shirts are now up. Place your orders!

Warm-up Drills
I. Coaches Choice
II. Mobility

“Team Deck of Cards”
Complete in teams of 2 or 3 athletes. One athlete flips over a card then each member of the team completes the prescribed exercise for the number of repetitions on the card. When the last athlete finishes, the next card is flipped. Continue until deck is gone.

Hearts = Push Press (95/65)
Diamonds = Partner Slamball (20/14)
Clubs = Mountain Climbers (2 count)
Spades = Lateral Medball Handoff (20/14)
Joker 1= 25 Burpees
Joker 2= Run 400m
Jacks, Queens, Kings = 10 reps
Ace = 11 reps



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