Tuesday 08.14.2018

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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 30/20kcal
II. Coach’s Choice
(Dynamic Mobility Complex and/or Spikeball)
III. Mobility

“Row Ascension Ladder”

Complete each of the following workloads as quickly as possible (for time)

Row   3/3  kcal x Rest :30
Row   6/5  kcal x Rest :30
Row   9/7  kcal x Rest :30
Row 12/9  kcal x Rest :30
Row 15/11 kcal x Rest :30
Row 18/13 kcal x Rest :30
Row 21/15 kcal x FIN

Notes: Kcal workload assignments read as Male Athletes/Female Athletes.

Post total time to complete row kcal to comments (total time minus the rest total of 3:00).

“Mount Isolation”
20 Rounds for time of
1 x Clean (155/115lbs)
5 x Push-ups

Notes: Integrity in the execution of today’s reps is critical. We want to see who can finish this without letting the IDEA of a blistering pace negate the completion of range of motion execution. Substandard movements yield only a greater capacity to move poorly; Attention to detail freaks, hence fast will be experienced in the smoothest of contexts (… ahem, ‘smooth is fast’).
Provided the movement competency is present: 185/135 RX+
Prepare those minds ahead of time by simply thinking it through, freaks. Then show up today to bring the lumber and Get Some. Yessssss.

Post scores to comments.

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