Thursday 10.18.2018

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 40kcal
II. Work through the following, partition as needed
20 x Turkish Get-ups (10L/10R) @ light weight
10 x Pull-ups
10 x Scorpions
50ft x Low Bear Crawl (abmats balanced on lower back)
III. Mobility
(Suggestions: Three-position green band drill, Foam Roller x 10 passes for t-spine + mash lats)

Impact/Focus: Pull-ups & Turkish Get-ups EMOTM
Every minute on the minute for 14:00 complete the following workload assigned:

Odd minutes x Pull-ups @ 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 reps

Even minutes x Turkish Get-up (L) + Turkish Get-up (R)

Notes: Athletes may adjust weights for Turkish Get-ups if necessary however the intent is a challenging/heavy single rep effort that is sustainable across sets/reps within the minute time frame.

Post scores to comments as reps completed for each movement movement and weight utilized.

10 Rounds for time of
3 x Deadlift (275/185lbs)
30 x Double-unders

Notes: 15 minute time cap incentive. Scaling for single-unders is 1:2 for today’s WOD. Scale deadlift loads as necessary towards the 50-60% of a 1RM. Those feeling frisky today are encouraged to complete this lil gem with unbroken repetitions for both movements and an increase in deadlift load to 315/245lbs.

Post scores to comments.

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