Thursday 02.21.2019

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Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice
II. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Handstand Push-ups
Athletes will work against 8 rounds of :30 work/:30 rest to complete the following.

I. 30 x Deficit Handstand Push-ups
II. 30 x Strict Handstand Push-ups
III. 30 x Kipping Handstand Push-ups
IV. 40 x Stink Bugs
V. 40 x Seated DB Press

Notes: Compare to scores from 12.28.2018 linked HERE.

Post method and reps completed to comments.

“Serial Sevens”
Ten rounds for time of
7 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
7 x Pull-ups
7 x Push-ups


– L3 (Rx+): Wallball, Pull-ups, and Push-ups must all be achieved unbroken. Pull-ups are chest-to-bar range of motion. Push-ups are performed with Rings, range of motion at the bottom of the repetition is biceps to rings and extension is with elbows fully locked out.

– L2 (Rx): Wallball weight 20/14lbs. Pull-ups are ‘chin over the bar’ style. Push-ups are standard chest to deck and full extension of elbows at end ROM.

– L1 (Scaled): Wallball weight scaled as needed, Pull-ups scaled to banded methods or Ring Row. Push-ups have two progressions available via snaking Push-ups with a negative each reception or incline Push-ups (Box or bench for support).

Post scores to comments.

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