Wednesday 02.27.2019

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— Our Next On-Ramp class begins Tuesday, March 5th at 6pm. Tell your friends!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. 9 Fundamentals x 5 reps each
III. Mobility

The goal is to lift 10,000/7500 lbs as fast as possible, but only using one rep at a time, of the following lifts. There is an 15:00 time cap for today’s training.

1 x Back Squat
1 x Bench Press
1 x Power Clean

Notes: You can use any weight on the lifts and it can be done in any amount of rounds. The goal is to lift 10,000/7500 lbs (male/female athletes). Only one rep may be performed per movement at a time and in the order shown above. Example of 115lb Back Squat + 75lb Bench Press + 95lb Power Clean sums to each round at 285lbs. With these weight selections an athlete faces 35 rounds for time of 1 rep per movement.

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