Wednesday 10.09.2019

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Bobby just taking a moment to think on bell’s being really dumb at times...

Warm-up Drills
I. Run or Row 400/500m
II. Dynamic Drills
III. Yoga Series
IV. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Overhead Squat Foundations
Warm-up sets and reps are 3 to 5 reps; climb weight to working range before starting on the :90 for five rounds of five reps each.

Every :90 for 5 Rounds complete the following
5 x Overhead Squats

Notes: Utilize medicine ball or box squat set-up in order to achieve ideal ROM prior to working sets, ensure the hips initiate movement before the knees bend, which makes full depth squatting accessible to those with uninhibited or restricted ranges of motion.

Post scores to comments.

For time
Run 400m

Thrusters (95/65lbs)
Pull-ups (Chest-to-Bar)

Run 400m

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development
*See Whiteboard/Coach for guidance.

Samy Daghir

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