Tuesday 12.31.2019

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. Dynamic Drills & Foam Roller Therapy
III. Yoga Series
IV. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Pull-ups & The Curtis P
Complete the following every :90 seconds for 6 Rounds total. Workload today calls for kipping Pull-ups and emphasizes efficiency in building capacity for multiple rep sets (unbroken if possible). Each work task also involves a Barbell movement complex known as the ‘Curtis P’. One “Curtis P” complex-rep is comprised of 1 x Power Clean, 2 x Lunges (1 per leg), and 1 x Push Press.

6 Rounds of the following, to be completed every :90 seconds:

9 x Pull-ups (C2B if able)
4 x Curtis P’s (95/65lbs)

Notes: Additional points of performance, range of motion objectives, and scaling options will be covered during the whiteboard brief. Scaled Pull movements will be adjusted to 12 Reps per round for today. There are 4 Curtis P complexes per :90 work interval; Rx+ should be unbroken for all movements and select a weight of 135/95lbs respectively.

Post scores to comments.

“The Fourth Huzzah”
Work through four evolutions of the following 4:00 challenge x 1:00 rest/recovery.

Complete 4 Evolutions as described below.

Versus a 4:00 Running clock:
Row 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m

(respectively per each of the four parts)
… Then, AMRAP in the time remaining of
8 x Bumper Ground-2-Overhead
6 x Burpee (Jump onto Bumper Plate)
4 x Push-ups (hand release)

**Rest 1:00 between each 4:00 work interval.

– The athlete’s objective and relative score will be one summary total number for overall repetitions completed across all work intervals.
– Begin each AMRAP with 8 x Bumper Ground-2-Overhead repetitions regardless of where the previous AMRAP concluded.
– Those looking to really up their intensity for this conditioning gem today will be encouraged to swap Bumper Ground-2-Overheads with Devil’s Press (50/35lbs) at the same number of repetitions.
– The burpees are as splendid as always in their natural state and require no upgrading for today, however, Push-ups with hand release may be subbed as Clapping Push-ups or Plyo Push-ups (45/25lbs). Both movement types may be considered as even candidates for selection in any Rx+ training attempt.

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development: Time Permitting/Optional Task Training
5 Rounds for quality of the functional gauntlet seen below if time permits and there are those willing and able after the primary training has been executed well. Additional Details Pending whiteboard brief.

Dumbbell Crawl/Drags x 20ft
Sandbag Clean and Toss x 20ft
Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl x 20ftd

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