Monday 01.27.2020

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Bethany reps CFNH in the competitive fitness trenches battling it out this past weekend at the Muscles & Mascara Individual Women’s Competition at CrossFit Exclamation in Burlington, MA… see our Facebook Page for photos and videos highlighting Bethany’s performance across the Event WODs. Yessssssss!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. Dynamic Drills
III. Yoga Series
IV. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Back Squat ‘De-Load Week’
Upon completing warm-up sets and reps athletes will work through the 5 sets x 5 reps each with the assigned Back Squat training weights noted below. Complete each working set on a 2-3:00 interval.

Warm-up sets/reps:
5 x 30-35%
5 x 40-45%
3 x 50%

Working sets/reps:
Back Squat x 5 sets @ 5 reps each
(50% of 5RM)


1. Working weights today are at 50% of a 5RM or in some cases this will be the best five rep set/weight achieved during the previous nine-week strength program; Some athletes are currently working at heavier weights than they initially tested out with at the start of the strength cycle (YAS!).

2. The warm-up section above is only a guideline warm-up sets at this point in the program. Modify Warm-up sets and reps as necessary to facilitate the deload weights for today’s Back Squat training.

3. Example Athlete at 5rm of 250lbs: 45# x 5 + 75-80# x 5 + 105 x 5 + 125 x 3. Begin Intervals at 5 x 5 with 125#, their 50% weight, and complete as training guidance dictates.

Post scores to comments.

“Bad Beech”
5 Rounds for time of
10 x Power Snatch (95/65lbs)
10 x Bar Facing Burpees

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development: Interval Training
**If time permits today, select from one of the choices below and work through the assignments as a class, on the clock;

8 Rounds of (:30 work x :30 rest)

I. Mobility Drills work/rest
(rollers, lax balls, etc, hit the most fear inspiring trigger points until the clock sounds ‘reprieve’)

II. Skin the Cats on Rings
(slow/smooth/contiuous motion for as long as possible during each work interval)

III. Parallette Shoot-Thru Complex

IV. Hollow Rocks
(slow/smooth/contiuous motion for as long as possible during each work interval)

Notes: A “Parallette Shoot Thru Complex” begins in a plank position; hands on parallettes/KB’s/etc. for the entire complex as follows.

1. Complete one rep of a Push-up +
2. Shoot forward to Supported Dip Position +
3. Perform one modified Dip +
4. From top of Dip raise legs from floor to hold a :05 L-sit +
5. Shoot Through back to Plank

Post training results to comments.

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