IMPORTANT NOTICE: Temporary Closing of All Classes (WOD Below notice)

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Temporary Closing of All Classes from:

Tuesday, March 24th through April 6th.

This Post heading will be a maintained notice with any additional news forthcoming as we navigate through this crisis together, albeit remotely.

We at the gym simply couldn’t hold back any longer as need for action on behalf of the safety of our athletes overcame the desire to operate our business and passion.
We are hopeful that the curtailing of our daily operations lends positive efforts towards ‘flattening the curve’, we wish all of our members the safest of times until we get to see you all again in the near future.
During this quarantine and social distancing period, which will be challenging for us all in different ways, you may stay tuned here for daily programming and zoom info.
Those that need to modify memberships please let us know, we are hoping to handle the financial implications of this in stride.
Stay safe, CrossFitters, we already miss you boatloads.

Please get ahold of us anytime via email or phone with any questions or concerns.


Warm-up Drills
Jump Rope 50-40-30-20-10 reps**
**Between each set of Single or Double-unders perform the following complex of dynamic movements across 10-15ft of space (adjust as necessary)
Tall Duck Walks
Spiderman Lunges
Reverse lunges
Tall Bear Crawl Forward
Low Bear Crawl Backwards
Alternating Lateral Lunges

Once dynamics and jump rope segments of warm-up have been completed finish with foam rolling, banded drills, or lax ball/PVC drills as available or individually desired. Also work through the following:
10 x Cat-Cows
10 x Scorpions
Child’s Pose
Seal Stretch

Impact/Focus: Breathing Ladder
Complete each set as unbroken as possible. Use Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bumper plate (or similar home object), or sandbag/medball (be creative!). Perform the strictest Push-up on the object to the best depth possible, continue from the top of the pushup into a burpee-deadlift, burpee ground to overhead with object, or burpee-deadlift with an explosive jump; all of these movements will constitute today’s “Loaded Burpee”. Yes, this is a weighted burpee, the intention is meant to be experienced throughout the breathing ladder as well as once athletes move into the met con part 2 of training.

For time and quality, taking extra rest as needed.
1 x Loaded Burpee
1 x deep breath with full exhale
2 x Loaded Burpees
2 x deep breaths with full exhale
3 x Loaded Burpees
3 x deep breaths with full exhale

Continue in this fashion as disciplined as able through ten full rounds with breaths at the same count.
Pace working sets to maintain quality movements and to apply recovery efforts as necessary.

NOTES FOR SCALING: Adjust to 1-7 reps/breaths or two rounds of 1-5 reps as necessary. Personal pick for this one would be a bumper or object 45-50lbs, or two dumbbells or two objects perhaps somewhat suitable for the deadlift or overhead version at 35ish lbs (ladies would thus be assigned a comparable 25lbs and 20lbs respectively).

Post scores to comments.

“M-angie Prep 1”
Against a 15:00 Running Clock Complete the following ladder of movements
1,2,3… x Air Squat
1,2,3… x Push-ups
1,2,3… x V-ups
**Every round complete 21 x Double-unders or 42 x Single-unders.

Notes: M-angie will be a special iteration of Angie we will run next week with ‘partitioning rules’ (if you google this benchmark wod you’ll appreciate this detail).

Post scores to comments.


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