Thursday Home WOD 03.26.2020

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Temporary Closing of All Classes from:

Tuesday, March 24th through April 6th. 



I will run another zoom workout tonight at 5 pm! We will do the workout I posted from this morning. All you need is a towel or abmat! It will last 40 minutes with warm-up and WOD. Join here: (Meeting ID: 709 135 744) Let me know early if you are having any trouble with zoom! — Coach Anderson


Part 1: Ander-zooms

Coach Anderson’s Zoom Living Room Training WOD

2 rounds
20 jumping jacks
20 sec hollow body hold
10 shoulder taps

20 step pike walk
6 spider lunge
10 scorpions

4 rounds for time
30 lunge steps (can be static or walking)
20 abmat sit-ups (if you don’t have an abmat roll up a towel!)
10 burpees
*can you get it done sub 10:00?!

Part 2: Extra Credit Conditioning
Coach Samy’s CrossFit Endurance Training
**This also gets athletes ready for upcoming programming of cardio movement integration for tomorrow and next week!**

Rowers: Set-up the rower for the three distances as follows: 250m, 500m, 750m
Runners: Establish three run distances of 200m, 400m (1 lap of a track), 800m
(Scale to 100, 200, and 400m as necessary)
Trikeys: Use kcal on the bike or nordic ergs for 50/35/20kcal

Complete 3 rounds of the following
1. Shortest distance as quick as possible
rest time to complete
2. Mid distance as quick as possible
rest time to complete
3. Longest distance as quick as possible,
rest time to complete… then, Assault through again!

Samy Daghir

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