Thursday Home WOD 04.23.2020

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Links for the AM & PM Zoom Training Times

Daily @9am

Meeting ID: 739 1533 8626

Daily @6pm

Meeting ID: 752 6036 3780

Warm-up Drills
I. Run/Row/Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks
x 2-3:00 Minutes (work/rest as needed)

II. 2 Rounds of
5 x Medicine Ball Deadlifts
5 x Medicine Ball Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
5 x Medicine Ball Power Cleans
10 x Medicine Ball Walking Lunge Steps
5 x Medicine Ball Cleans

III. 1 Round of …

10 x Scorpions

:15 x Down Dog
:15 x Seal Stretch
:15 x Child’s Pose
:15 x Thread-needle
:15 x Chest stretch (hand behind head)

1:00 x Couch Stretch
1:00 x Wall Squat (Med Ball Front Rack or Atlas Stone Held)
1:00 x Figure 4 or Wall fig 4 variation
1:00 x 3way Leg Stretch (band/strap)

10 x Glute Bridges (floor) or Back Bridges (wall)

“Power Hour”
Every minute on the minute complete each of the respective workloads below at :45 work x :15 rest/transition for ten rounds total.

1. KB Clean + KB Reverse Lunge + KB Press (alternate L/R)
2. Knees-to Elbows or Leg Raises (floor with hands on KB to anchor)
3. Plankies (no push-up version of burpee)
4. Abmat Sit-ups
5. Medicine Ball Ground-to-Overhead (20/14lbs)
6. Jump Rope (Single/Doubles)

Post scores to comments.

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