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Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy Killed In Action June 28, 2005 in Afghanistan.

Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m/Row 500m
II. 3 Rounds of
5 x Jumping/Scap Pull-ups
5-7 x Push-ups/Hindu Push-ups
10 x Rev.Lunges In Place/Shrimp Squats
III. Dynamics (ie.Scorpions,etc) & Yoga Poses
IV. Mobility Drills

For time
1 mile Run
100 x Pull-ups
200 x Push-ups
300 x Air Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.
This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.


Modified Volume Scaling would be to cut the distances to 800m and the rep volumed in half to 50/100/150 reps per movement at Rx level or with the substitutions subsequently suggested below.

If athlete’s have no Pull-up bar and have been progression with regular training via the Swing and Snatch (1 and 2 arm versions) movements then substitute one of the folowing:
100 x American KB Swings at a heavy/challenging weight of 24/16kg or heavier if able.
100 (50L+50R) x 1-arm Snatch with the Dumbbell, alternating arms every repetition during working sets is viable as a substitute for those without Kettlebells.

1. Complete Unpartitioned as
100 x Pull-ups
200 x Push-ups
300 x Air Squats
*In Order.

2. Complete ‘Cindy’ Style as
20 Rounds of
5 x Pull-ups
10 x Push-ups
15 x Air squats

3. Complete 33 Rounds of
3 x Pull-ups
6 x Push-ups
9 x Air Squats
Then… + 1 Pull-up, 2 Push-ups, 3 Air Squats as a final 34th Round.

These are just examples based on different athlete levels with the various movements and conditioning components.

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    • Utilized the 5/5/15/5 method to break up my push-ups, since those are always my limiting factor. Worked out pretty well!

  1. Murph: 57:48 all movements as prescribed however I modified and did 15/20 rounds giving myself to slightly over the 45:00 min mark to head out for my final run.


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