Thursday 08.20.2020

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Warm-up Drills
I. ROMWOD: “Beastmaster”
Link found HERE.
**Runtime 14 minutes**
– Lizard
– Seated Straddle
– Half Seated Frog
– Frog
– Single Leg Forward Fold
II. Run 400m or Row 500m
III. Mobility of Choice x 3-5:00

Impact/Focus: Handstand Skills & Drills

Complete today’s Gymnastic Training as follows;
10 x Handstand Work/Rest intervals (5 minutes)
2:00 minute Rest/Transition period,
6 x L-sit Work/Rest intervals (3 minutes)

Part I. Handstand/Handstand Push-up Skills & Drills
10 Rounds of (:20 work x :10 rest) or
10 Rounds of (:10 work x :20 rest)

Athletes may select one interval skill level of drills to perform per work interval, or may begin on skill level 1 for the first interval, and continue until they find their best level of Handstand Skill training possible; for each subsequent round they will work at that same skill level until all work/rest intervals have been completed.

1. Plank / Plank Shoulder Taps
2. Pike/Stinkbug Holds
3. 1 to 2 rep of Wallwalk with HS Hold
4. Kick-up to Handstand Hold
5. Kick-up to Handstand w/ Max Reps Shoulder Taps or Negative HSPU
6. 5 to 10ft Handstand Walk
7. :05 to :10 second Freestanding Handstand Hold
8. Straddle-ups or Press to Handstand Drills

Part II. L-sit Interval Skills & Drills
6 Rounds of (:20 work x :10 rest) or

Select one of the four options below and work on that skill or Drill for all 6 intervals of :20 work x :10 rest.

This option should take into account the athletes level of recovery thus far in the weeks training evolution; also basing the work/rest interval selection on current movement skill level (ie…is a skill able to be repeatably performed safely and consistently for training value?).

1. Floor L-sit Drill
2. Heel Taps
(over line on floor or dumbbell, cone, etc.)
3. Ring Support on Bars or Rings
3. L-sit Hold on Rings

Post selections and scores to comments.

Notes: The entire list of skills does not need to be mastered before trying this format of training out. Any athlete may work progressively through each work interval; If an athlete is capable of Kicking up (skill #4) but has yet to fully achieve Rx HSPUs or HS Walking then they would carry on working the remaining intervals with Handstand Kick-ups and Holds.

Post selections and scores to comments.

“TseTse Fly”
For time versus a 14 minute time cap

Handstand Push-ups x 12-10-8-6-4-2
Tire Flips x 12-10-8-6-4-2
Tire Bounds x 12-10-8-6-4-2
(Jump to center and back out opposite side per repetition, ie. 2 count)

Notes: Many mysteriously cryptic details will apply to these movements in today’s training. Instruction on Tire Flips, as well as scaling and modifying (for example, using a straight arm to post over on the bounds per rep) will be covered during the whiteboard brief.
For those that need to avoid the use of tractor tires for flipping and jumping there will be excellent options at different weights and densities for training use.
If absolutely necessary based on the individual athlete’s needs or should logistics in large class settings demand it we may also substitute in a barbell Deadlift movement with 45-65% of a 1 rep maximum.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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  1. Handstands: Wall Walks for 2 rounds/Stinkbug Holds for 8.

    L-Sits: Floor L-Sits for 3 rounds/Heel Taps for 3

    TseTse Fly: 102 reps (stink bugs)


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