Thursday 10.29.2020

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Register & Join us for the “Manion” Hero WOD by clicking the following the link found HERE.

ROMWOD “Standing Straddle Day 5”
Poses Include:
– Dragon
– Lizard
– Twisted Lizard
– Standing Straddle
– Pigeon

Dynamic Warm-up Drills & Mobility
– Pike Walk, Lateral Lunges, Walking or Spiderman Lunges
– Scorpions & Yoga Poses
– Banded, Lax Ball, Wall Mobility Drills


Lax Ball Drills today will be  and applied with a specific focus on the chest and shoulder region including muscle groups of the Pec minor, a.delt, Trap (1st Rib), Scaps… protizing the Static (bars) Dip and the Ring Dip movements.

Impact/Focus: Rings & Things, Alternating EMOTM
Even minutes and Odd minutes have a rep scheme selection assignment for two movements; the Ring Dip or Static Bar Dip & The Clean or Snatch movement applicable to the method athletes will use to pick up and portage Kettlebells or Dumbbells in the following MetCon.

Odd Minutes 1,3,5,7,9: Ring Dip Strength
(:30 work x :30 rest)
Perform selected goal reps of 5, 10, or 15 repetitions for the Ring or Bar Dips within the work time of :30 seconds.
Attempt to use as few sets as possible.

Even Minutes 2,4,6,8,10: Dumbbells/Kettlebell Clean Technique Warm-ups
(vs 1:00, rest remainder)
2-4 reps x 2-Arm Kettlebell Clean + 1 Lunge Left Leg + 1 Lunge Right Leg
This reads as a total 1 to 2 reps of the 2 arm Clean + Lunge Left Leg + Lunge Right Leg

Post scores to comments.

“Toes-to-Bar & Lunge”
For time
30-20-10 reps / yards of

Kettlebell Lunges (24/16kgs or 50/35lbs)

Notes: The lunges are performed with 2 x Kettlebells in the Rack Position. Toes-to-bar may scale to Knees-to-elbows, Hanging knee raises to hip height, or V-ups/Tuck-ups at 2:1 for rep adjustments.
There will be no dropped Dumbbells or Kettlebells unless safety required or accidentally occurring; keep positive control of your training implements. Rx+ may go 32/24kg provided safe form is demonstrated.

Post scores to comments.

**Optional Bonus Challenge**
Rest 2:00

Then… Complete the following as quickly as possible against a running clock that is your score from the TTB/KB Rack Lunge WOD above

10-20-30 reps / yards of

Slamball (40,30/20,12lbs)
Low Farmer’s Carry Walking Lunges (24/16kgs or 50/35lbs)

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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  1. Rings & Things: 3-5 unassisted dips on matador, 30# kb 2 sets per round

    T2B & Lunge: 14:38 part 1, 26:42 for both parts 30# dumbbells


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