Wednesday 01.20.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Agility Warm-ups
– Run x 200ft
– Side Shuffle x 50ft
– Reverse Lunge x 50ft
– Karaoke x 50ft
– Run x 200ft
II. Dynamic Drills
– Tall Duck Walk
– Pike Walk
– Spiderman Lunges
– S.L. Bear Crawl
– Lateral Bear Crawls
III. Scorpion & Yoga Sandwhich

Impact/Focus: Handstand Isometrics & Balance Intervals

+/- 8:00 x Set-up, Practice Handstand Holds or Movements to be trained. Priority: Get familiar and comfortable with the drill and progression used in the following interval work; prime learning/coaching cues and Handstand points of performance for practical application.

Once the handstand coaching and practice period is finished working on the clock intervals will begin.

Complete the following Isometric Handstand Hold, Kick-up to Wall practice, Wallwalks, or Handstand Walking assignments as follows:

6 Rounds of
1:00 x Handstand Isometrics, Balances, and Walking
1:00 x Rest


  • First athletes will set-up, practice, and work with their coach on priming themselves for inversion work. Kick-ups, Wallwalks, Short Handstand Walks or Freestanding work should all be done at this time so that quality movement and holds prevail throughout the interval training.
  • Upon finishing the set-up and practice/warm-up period athletes will work through 6 Rounds of 1:00 work x 1:00 rest.
  • Front Rack Mobility and Go-To Mobility Drills will be reintroduced prior to warming up for the barbell work in the “Chef” Met.Con. below.
  • Score each round as successful number of Kick-ups to Handstand, cumulative time holding a Handstand, or distance walked in a Handstand (ft).

Post scores to comments.

Complete the following for a single, cumulative score of Rounds/Reps.

5 Rounds of

AMRAP 3:00 of
3 x Power Clean (135/95lbs)
10 x Slamball (40,30/20,12lbs)
21 x Double-unders

Rest 1:00


  • AMRAP is an acronym for the workout format defined by completing As Many Rounds/Reps as possible in a given time limit. Begin each 3:00 AMRAP where the previous one stopped during the rest interval.
  • Scale weight as necessary to facilitate training touch and go reps (60% 1RM guideline assessment).
  • Single-unders scaling for today will have two levels @ 42 reps per round of Single-unders or 15 reps per round of Double-unders.
  • Rx+ today entails a Power Clean upgrade to 155/105lbs provided the extra weight does not detract from the barbell cycling emphasis in today’s training.

Post scores as a single AMRAP number of Rounds and Reps to comments.

Skill Development: Midline Conditioning
Extra Credit training for today includes 3 sets of 12 reps for the Hip Extension and GHD Sit-up if time permits and athletes have any gas left in the tank after conditioning. Complete this workload for quality of movement.

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