Friday 05.21.2021

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**There will not be a noon class today due to a graduation ceremony**

Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. Foam Rolling
III. Dynamic Series
IV. Mobility Drills (Emphasis on hips, hammies, ankles, IT bands)

Impact/Focus: Deadlift Wk4
Warm-up as needed before working through the following every 2:30.

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
(increase weights by 3.5/5/or 7% from last week)


  • Athletes will be increasing weight from last week by one of the percentage options shown above for their 5 sets of 5 reps x Deadlift today.

Post scores to comments.

“Friday Frenetics”
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP) in 15:00 of
Run 200m
10 x Ring Rows
10 x Ring Dips


  • Scaling for today for the Ring Dips will be 10 reps respectively of either Bench Dips, Jumping Static Dips, or Push-ups.
  • If athletes wish they may ‘MURPH’ up with body armor to prepare for Memorial Day.
  • To scale up the difficulty of the Ring Row try elevating the feet on a plyobox at 20 or 24” (10 x unbroken Rx movement reps are repeatedly capable of being performed as a requisite).
  • Ring Rows are performed strict.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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