Thursday 02.10.2022

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Craig, Trevor & Ben getting after Monday’s training, Triple Yessssss.

Warm-up Drills
ROMWOD x 15-18:00*

Impact/Focus: Press Deload
Training today will emphasize the deload Press week as well as assessing/developing overhead efficiency of movement via reinforcement of points of performance; addressing mobility limitations.

5 Rounds, on the 2:00 of

Press 5-5-5-5-5 (climbing from 40% up to 70%)

Post scores to comments.

“Hustlin’ Skills”
Complete 4 Rounds for time
(vs an 18:00 time cap)

Row 250/200m
600lbs x Slamball
(ie. 15x40lbs, 20x30lbs or 50x12lbs)
20 x Box Jumps
*Handstand Task
Rest 1:00


  • Handstand Task Options (Select one) for each Round are as follows…
    I. 20ft Handstand Walk (or 1:00 of work)
    II. 5 x Strict Handstand Push-ups
    III. 10 x Kipping Handstand Push-ups
    IV. 10 x Scaled Handstand Push-ups
    V. 3 x Wall Walks
    VI. 20/10 x Shoulder Taps
  • Reps x Weight of Slamball = 600lbs of Slammage per Round.
    Scale Box Jumps to a lower height or perform a 4/3ft Broad Jump (w/ power position landing).

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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