Friday 02.18.2022

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. 2 Rounds of
10 x Hollow Rocks
10 x Banded Pull Aparts
10 x Seal Stretch to Down Dog
II. Dynamics & Mobility

Impact/Focus: Handstand Push-ups & Inversion Intervals
Work to accomplish each task in the first :30 seconds before resting the remainder of the minute.

Minutes 1,2,3 & 4:
Static Handstand Holds x :10 to :15 seconds

Minutes 5,6,7 & 8:
Handstand Push-ups x 5-10 reps, strict or kipping

Minutes 9,10,11 & 12:
Fun Freestyle Skills
Kicking up to holds, Shoulder Taps, Freestanding Holds & Handstand Walks.

Post scores to comments.


2 Person Partner WOD
Complete 9 Minute AMRAP, 2 Minute Rest, 9 Minute AMRAP of the following tasks. One partner holds for the other to perform the work. Score as Rounds/Reps completed in one continuous total.

Partner A: Row 24/18kcal
Partner B: Plank Hold

Partner B: 30 x Wallball
Partner A: Hang From Pull-up Bar

Partner A: Bear Crawl 100ft
Partner B: Double KB Front Rack Hold

Partner B: 30 x Slamball
Partner A: Air Squat Hold

*Each Round athlete will switch and perform the opposite two holds/moving tasks.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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