Tuesday 12.13.2022

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Dino & Turf goin on up, Yessss!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m (no straps)
II. 6 x Dynamic Drills w/ 10 x Hollow Rocks after each
III. Mobility (Squat, Front Rack & Overhead Emphasis)

Impact/Focus: Front Squat Triples
Warm-up Sets/Reps x 6:00 building to a starting weight.

Every 3:00 x 4 Rounds Total
Front Squat x 3-3-3-3

  • Climb weight across sets to the best three rep set on the day/PR.
  • Second option is to build to a working weight, ideally 70-80% of a 1RM and sustain across sets.
  • Lightweight or Barbell Drop Sets to warm-up for thrusters in the following Benchmark WOD: “Jackie”.

Post scores to comments.

For time
Row 1000m
50 x Thrusters (45/35lbs)
30 x Pull-ups


  • This is a Benchmark WOD.
  • Reference any scaling or training notes/scores from 06.27.2022.
  • Link to training found HERE.
  • Rx+ Rest 5 minutes Post Jackie before completing for time: Row 500m + 35 x Thrusters + 20 x Pull-ups. Rest 4 minutes before completing the following for time: Row 250m + 30 x Thrusters + 10 x Pull-ups.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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