Thursday 04.20.2023

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Noon ninjas be slayin’, just sayin’. YESSSSSS!

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice

Impact/Focus: Damper Setting Rowing & Walking Planks
Work through the following for quality:

3 Rounds of

Row 35/30kcal
-Rest 1:00-
Row 20/18kcal
50ft x Rollerboard Planks or Aligator Crawl
(w/5 x Up Downs every 25ft, 2 total sets per round)

*Round 1 w/ Damper @ 1-3
**Round 2 w/ Damper @ 4-6
***Round 3 w/ Damper @ 8-10


Rollerboard Planks are a plank position with feet on the Roller Board with the athlete pulling themselves forward while maintaining their best plank position. Aligator walks are the same movement wit straight legs, knees locked sans the Roller Board; At each 25ft athletes will move their plank to the elbows and then back to the hands with straight arms 5 times.

Rowing Points of Performance;
I. Legs-Lean-Arms-Arms-Lean-Legs
II. 1 second Drive (Out) w/ 2 second Recovery (In)
III. Reduce Chain slack across tempo of pulls
IV. Open up the throttle and compare Damper Settings & Tempo impact on pace/effort.

Post training notes/scores to comments.

3 Rounds for time vs. a 15:00 time cap of
25 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
50 x Mountain Climbers (2-count)
25 x Bumper Plate Ground-to-Overhead (35/25lbs)
25 x V-ups

Notes: Scale V-ups to Seated Leg Raise progression. Seated Leg Raises are performed sitting on the deck (floor) with the athlete raising their legs, together with knees straight such as we see with the Lower body portion of the V-up rep. Athletes may reach out hands to their sides to assist in stabilizing and balancing the upper body & torso as needed. Additional scaling and points of performance will be covered during the whiteboard brief.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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  1. Impact/Focus: Damper Setting Rowing & Walking Planks
    3, 6, 10 damper… Completed

    2 rounds + 78 rx

    Notes: Hard to breathe in Colorado 🥸 it’ll buff…


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