Wednesday 05.10.2023

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Craig dunking on some Bumper Plates, Yassssss!!!!

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice

Impact/Focus: Bench Press & Pull-up/Ring Row Warm-up + Set-up

5 Rounds for max reps (vs. 20:00 total time cap)
Bench Press (Bodyweight)

Post totals per movement to comments.

Skill Development
5 Rounds for Quality vs. 12:00 time cap
Row 1:00 or 250m
(SPM Climb per round: 20-24-28-32…)
12-15 x GHD Sit-ups
12-15 x GHD Extensions

Samy Daghir

1 thought on “Wednesday 05.10.2023”

  1. “Lynne”
    (65lbs for bench… banded PU strict suicide grip)
    1. 7 bench 12 pu
    2. 6 bench 8 pu
    3. 6 bench 7 pu
    4. 6 bench 7 pu
    5. 6 bench. 7 pu

    Skill Development
    12:02 finish 😵‍💫 RX

    Notes: I’ll record it for tomorrow for you and send it to you. Been trying to learn proper form for bench. Platoon has been helpful teaching for sure but can’t always have them there 24/7. Looking for critique on form before this form becomes a habit. No pt tomorrow morning we have a classes on Korea tomorrow @0800 so it’ll be an early early bench workout I’ll send ya. Also have my own pull up bar in my room now. Requirements are to do two pull ups every time I pass through the door. It’s been helping I think!
    Regarding the skill development I think I’ve been compensating some how regarding GHD sit ups. Mostly feel it in my quads not core. Tried going further back on the GHD sit ups wondering if that would help engage my core more. Did not. Just more quads.. doing the extensions was easy for me. So I wonder if in other movements I’m compensating core strength and either using my quad muscles or lower back muscles.. idk.. just means I’ll be doing planks in the office to make up for my deficiencies.. good smoke though 👌🏻


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