Wednesday 07.05.2023

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Trevor & Andy are just friggin’ going ballistic over here… YESSSSS!!!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m or Run 400
II. Coach’s Choice
III. Mobility & Movement Review

10 rounds for time of

Sprint 100m
5 x Burpees
20 x Sit-ups
15 x Push-ups
Sprint 100m

*Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Notes: Rx+ option for weight vest upgrade (no abmat, sit-ups performed butterfly on floor or blue mats…yay ergoNOTmics). Time caps for three levels of rigor will be available; assigned round scaling would be 7 rounds or 5 rounds respectively. There will be a team option available where athletes alternate rounds x 7 each. Rx+ Partner WOD: Staggered Bunny Hop format is a bit frenetically fun, it will be shared during the whiteboard brief. Bring the lumber, Ninjas, happiness feels your pursuit!

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NBC News Article Excerpt about the woman today’s Hero WOD Memorializes:
“Even as they were still engaged in a fierce pursuit and gun battle with a fugitive, Omaha officers were desperately trying to save the life of fallen colleague Kerrie Orozco, police radio calls released Thursday reveal.

Orozco, 29, a seven-year Omaha police veteran who was working as a detective with the department’s fugitive task force, died Wednesday from a gunshot wound that struck her in the chest just above the her bulletproof vest, police said Thursday.

It was her last shift before she was to have started maternity leave to take care of Olivia Ruth, the daughter who was born prematurely Feb. 17 and was to have gone home for the first time Thursday.

Members of the fugitive task force were pursuing Marcus Wheeler, 26, described as a convicted felon and known gang member, when Orozco was shot. In the volley of gunfire, Wheeler was also fatally wounded, police said.

Officer Jeff Shada, a 27-year member of the police department, pulled Orozco onto a nearby lawn and began first aid as other officers ran after Wheeler.

“Help an officer 30th and Martin Avenue! Help an officer 30th and Martin Avenue! Help an officer 30th and Martin Avenue! Officer down!” a male officer can be heard shouting over police dispatch radio. “Get a squad here now!”

Shortly thereafter, two uniformed patrol officers arrived and began administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, according to a timeline of events provided by Omaha police. Meanwhile, Sgt. Jeff Kopietz, who had lost sight of Wheeler, gave chase and eventually found him east to where he had collapsed.

As many as 20 officers accompanied Orozco to Creighton Hospital, where a trauma team was unable to save her, police and the hospital said.

Colleagues said Orozco had a passion for community service that went beyond her police duties. Fluent in Spanish, she often served as a Spanish interpreter for other officers and worked with the Latino Police Officers Easter Egg Hunt.

Orozco volunteered with the Special Olympics and was president of the Police Officers Ball to benefit Special Olympics Nebraska. She also coached baseball for the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club.

“The community owes a great deal to such a wonderful person,” Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said Thursday. “Her loss will not only impact the police officers but will also be a huge loss for the citizens of Omaha.”

Full Article Link found HERE.


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