Tuesday 08.08.2023

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Four Ninjas on the move, YESSSSSS!!!!!!

Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. Coach’s Choice
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Clean & Jerk 1RM
Warm up sets/reps building to starting weight for the single rep sets, ascending towards a one rep maximum Power or Full Clean & Jerk 1RM; PR Land is our objective destination.

Versus a 15:00 Time Cap
Clean & Jerk x 1-1-1-1-1 … Establish a 1RM

*Use as many sets as possible vs. a 15:00 Running Clock.
**Climb weight across single rep sets until establishing the best possible weight for a Power or Full (Squat) Clean & Jerk 1RM.
***Yes, Split Jerk is fine game.

Post loads to comments.

“Peanut Butter”
For time
5-5-5-5-5 x Power Clean & Jerk (115/85lbs)
15-15-15-15-15 x GHD Sit-ups
50-40-30-20-10 x Double-unders

*Scale weight as needed for the Barbell Movement. Rx+ 155/105lbs.
**Single-unders sub in at 2:1 for today.
***Abmat Sit-up reps sub in at 21 reps per round, butterfly style.

Notes: The day’s overview brief (start of class) and the whiteboard brief (tell show do check) will address scaling details, Rx+ details, Movement points of performance & today’s ‘metcon’ training intentions.

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Samy Daghir

1 thought on “Tuesday 08.08.2023”

  1. Impact/Focus: Clean & Jerk 1RM

    “Peanut Butter”
    25:51 (Burpees)

    Notes: no jump rope available- did burpees to (25,20,15,10,5) for workout. C&J got the 105lbs the first try but didn’t like my form; caught the bar sorta at a power clean not a full clean however still went down all the way and jerked it just fine. Figured I’d try it again before moving up in weight and couldn’t even get under the bar again. For sure pulling too long and not throwing my elbows under the bar sooner. I’ll try for another 1 rep on Saturday. Ik I can go higher in weight but the form needs to follow with it… It’ll buff 🥸

    Extra Building stuff:
    Shoulder press 30lbs 4 x 8
    Bench press DB 25lbs 4 x 10
    Cable tricep pull down 25lbs 4 x 10
    Cable single arm pull down 10lbs 4 x 10(each side)
    Face pulls 30lbs 4 x 10
    Seated Hamstring Curl 95lbs 3×10
    RDLs DB (slow & controlled) 40lbs 10 x 10
    Barbell or db Hip Thrust 55lbs 4×10
    Hack Squat Feet High & Wide on Platform 50lbs 3 x 8-10
    Calf Raises DB 55lbs 4 x12


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