"... I want to begin by saying that CrossFit is a completely unique fitness program and it fits my personality perfectly.

For me personally, I would have to say that this crazy gym has a big impact across not just how 'fit' I am but it's helped me change the lifestyle I lead as well.

Pay attention, though, make sure you don't hear me wrong: Bai Chen is not here to tell you how good or fun it is, or amaze you with what I've learned about fitness along the way.

All I can say is the experience makes just trying it, even only once in your life, absolutely worth it. I will bet crazy loot that those who do give it one taste will never look back!

I wouldn't say that I am an 'athlete' but just like everybody else who works out in a gym or a club these days I thought I was at least in shape. It blew my mind how little my old workouts prepared me for this; I wasn't in shape at all. I came into the program assuming that each class would be like any other traditional group fitness or club program where we could just go in and do our thing whenever we wanted.

Guess what? I was completely wrong.

I still remember my very first class back in 2010 where I met Dan and Samy; the workout wasn't even with any weights, just basic bodyweight squats in a 4 minute test that I accidentally felt would be easy... 5 days later I had no idea how my legs were so sore without even touching a weight?! And four minutes!? I couldn't believe it.

But I wasn't afraid of the hard work ahead, I went every chance I got and the more involved I became the more CrossFit felt like the lifestyle I needed to be focusing on living. Before long I was awake each day at 4:30am ready to brawl with whatever WOD was ahead... Monday through Friday, I couldn't get enough. These days, if I miss even one day of training or if I accidentally oversleep I'm crushed in my mind-- I would be like {insert strange Bai Chen original comment about party bars that serve chocolate and sad people}.

CrossFit is not just awesome because it fits my personality and my lifestyle, but more importantly I have to say this is truly a community, a family environment where everyone has grown close. We all push each other to the limit, and we do it because no matter how competitive we get it's about caring and backing up our crew here as we all struggle through WODs together.

I could go on and on but I'll cut this off with a final point: In my mind CFNH has the best crew (athletes/members) and the best trainers. Samy and Tiffany just are so crazy about CrossFit they will do whatever they can to pass on knowledge; but it's up to you to use it and make something with yourself day in and day out.

They don't push you, although it may seem like it, they just show you how to bring yourself to the limits you've got; until you've learned you don't have any after all."