8543a4b4-jpg-825x618_q85Register or come support your comrades at CrossFit TUFF’s 2nd Annual Heart and Swole Partner Competition! Read on for more details…

From the EVENT homepage linked HERE:

Event Details

Grab your favorite “Swolemate” and reserve your spot for our second annual Valentine’s Day “Heart and Swole” Partner Competition! Our first competition was a huge success and this will surely sell out quick!

(Male/ Female)
25 Rx spots
25 Scaled spots
3 events + Final event for top 5 teams
Awards for top 5


Double unders
G2OH 135/95
Deadlift 225/155
Chest to bar pullups
Toes to bar
KB overhead swing 75/53

Single unders
G2OH 95/65
Deadlift 185/115
Ring rows
Abmat situps
KB overhead swing 53/35

We will be releasing a video of all movement standards in the following weeks. Think games standards.

Now grab your Swolemate and get practicing!
Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

cropped-toughruck-dark1-copyJoin the CFNH team for the 2017 TOUGH RUCK by clicking to Register HERE!
(TYPE ‘CFNH’ to find our team or register as an individual)

To Donate to the CFNH Team Fundraiser Click HERE!

About the TOUGH RUCK:
We are a group of military and civilians whose sole purpose is to Ruck in honor and in memory of our Fallen Service Members, Police, Firefighters and EMTs, while raising funds to support military families in times of need. We will walk a 26.2 mile course with our Rucks. Military Friends Foundation is proud to announce the continuation of our partnership with the Boston Athletic Association, the National Park Service and the Old Manse for the 2017 Tough Ruck.

On April 15, 2013, the Tough Ruck members were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and joined the first responders to help those that were injured by the horrific blasts. They truly exemplify the best of what our Nation is. Today Tough Ruck happens the Saturday before Boston Marathon Monday in Concord, Massachusetts. Each year Tough Ruckers are awarded the first of the official Boston Marathon Medals and receive recognition from the Boston Athletic Association.

Download the Tough Ruck S.O.P. Training Guide HERE.

13913698_10100105158928086_2642568374821653235_oIt’s official. We’ll be hosting the Attitude Nation weightlifting seminar once again. We hosted one a few years ago and everyone found it extremely useful in their daily CrossFit workouts. This time around things are going to be a little more crowded…

When: Saturday November 5th 9am-6pm
Cost: $200 for the entire day
What: Snatch and Clean & Jerk Technique for weightlifting and CrossFitathletes
Who: Jon North – Former weightlifting Nation Champion, American Open Champion, and 3x USA PanAm team member.
Jared Enderton – 2016 Regionals athlete, currently a member of the Baltimore Anthem GRID team, former top ranked weightlifter and strongman. 

To register visit www.theattitudenation.com and select “Weightlifting Seminars”, select Register and select our gym in the drop down menu.

The registration is open to the public but we’d love to get as many CFNH athletes to attend so it’s a more personal seminar. Act fast as spots will fill up quick!

If you have any questions please ask Ashley, Chase, or Samy.

crossfit-freeFrom the event homepage…


Event Divisions: Womens Teams, Mens Teams
Annual Summer Burner Team Competition – Hosted by CrossFit Free.
We have run successful and well organized events for years now and are bringing back our annual competitions.

Teams of 2, Same Gender
Scaled Competition: (see standards below)
Team Competition: SCALED
Teams of TWO (same gender)

Event Homepage found HERE.

This competition will be a scaled team event and scaled only. Those that are up and coming or new to CrossFit, time to partner up and push one another. This is NOT a competition for those that regularly participate in RX competitions with higher skill sets.

Partner up, register NOW and join us for a great day, and lots of fun!!!

11800161_919550208090979_6508186293690064820_nMovements are standards only, not a reflection of WODS
Clean: 135/83
Ground to OH- 135/83
Box jumps- 24″/20″
WB- 20/14 @9’/10′
Swing KB- 53/35

Prizes: 1st – 3rd Podium Finishers

Event WODS:
Workouts have not yet been released.

13692982_10153788545796009_4212843144693055027_oRead below to learn more about this unique competition format hosted by CrossFit Everproven in Dover, NH. I think we’re about due to go get some, freaks…

From the event homepage found HERE:

The Third Annual “Great Equalizer”

The Great Equalizer is a unique partner competition that will be held at EverProven CrossFit on 09/10/2016. Teams will be same sex (male+male, female+female).. The twist is that one person on each team must be an Rx athlete and the other person must be a Scaled athlete.

REGISTER HERE —-> https://everprovencrossfit.sites.zenp

EVRPRVNStandards – Scaled Athletes Must not have placed within the top 500 in the CrossFit open Rx division in any region and must not regularly compete as an Rx Athlete.

– Can do Muscle Ups
– Have a sub 4 min Fran as Rx’d
– Are regularly at the top/near the top of the leaderboard at your gym (without scaling)
– Follow a “competitive” program without having to scale regularly
– Were able to Rx every workout in this years CF open with ease
– Ever competed at a high level competition such as the ECC, or Wodapalooza as Rxd or have ever competed at regionals.

Men (Rx/S)
Ground to Overhead 185/115a
Box Jumps 30″/20″ (step ups for S ok)
KB Swings 24kg/16kg (53#/35#)
Double Unders/Single Unders
Deadlift 225/155
Wall Ball 20#/14# to 10ft target
C2B Pull Ups/Assisted or Jumping Pull Ups
Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbow
HSPU/Pike Push Up

Women (Rx/S)
Ground to Overhead 135/95
Box Jumps 24″/16″ (step ups for S ok)
KB Swings 16kg/12kg (35#/26#)
Double Unders/Single Unders
Deadlift 155/115
Wall Ball 14#/10# to 9ft target
C2B Pull Ups/Assisted or Jumping Pull Ups
Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbow
HSPU/Pike push up

OTHER MOVEMENTS THAT ARE NOT LISTED MAY BE INCLUDED – what is listed above is an idea of some of the things that may be included. If you can hit at least 1rm at the listed weights, you will be fine.

images.825x618_q85Join and support your fellow athletes in the competitive arena or from the specter stands during the 2nd Annual Queen City Cup hosted by CrossFit Ad Finem. This is a team based CrossFit style competitive event.Date: July 30, 2016 9am-3pm

Location:157 Gay St, Manchester NH

Event Homepage Link HERE


Three Event WODS details:

AMRAP 3: Max Reps Clean & Jerks @ 95/63 There will be 1 bar, pre loaded for both athletes to use. In 3 minutes the each team of two must complete as many reps as possible for a clean and jerk at 95/63. Each rep must start on the ground, touch the shoulders (receiving position for clean) and finish overhead w/ arms, hips, and knees locked out. The athlete must hold the weight overhead until the judge OK’s the rep otherwise the rep will NOT count. You do not have to pause between the clean and the jerk. Any form of clean will work: Power-Muscle-Squat-Split; and the same goes for the Jerk: Split-Push-Squat-Push Press.

WOD#2: “Fuel your Fire” FT
For Time: 27-21-15-9 (Cap 10min) Box Jumps @24/20 Wall Balls @20/14 to 10ft/9ft Each team will complete in order 27-Box Jumps, then 27-Wall Balls, etc… until the last 9 Wall Balls are finished for their scored time. You can break up the reps however you like, and NO each athlete DOES NOT have to do both movements as long as the reps of each get done. Step Ups are allowed but both step ups and box jumps MUST have full hip and knee extension and show control on the box. Wall Balls will be 20# for the guys, 14# for the ladies and per usual guys throw to a 10ft target marked with our blue CFAF targets and the ladies will use the 14# ball and throw to the yellow CFAF targets. Hip crease must break parallel and wall ball must touch inside the target.

WOD#3: “The Chipper” sponsored by Kill Cliff
AMRAP 15 -Run 200m w/ Sandbag 50/30* -75 x American KB Swings 53/35** -75 x Burpees*** -75 x Plate OH Lunges 25/15**** * = Both partners must run but only one has to carry the sandbag for the 200m out and back loop ** = KB Swings can be broken up however you and your partner want. American swing means at the finish point arms are fully extended overhead w/ ears between the biceps and KB overhead. While arms are overhead and extended hips & knees are extended and locked out. Starting point the KB is between the legs *** = Burpees – pretty straight forward, start standing then drop to ground making contact w/ your chest then returning to feet and jumping off the ground making sure to fully extend your hips. **** = Plate OH Lunge – At no time can the plate make contact with the head as the arms must keep the weight OH, arms do not have to remain locked if you choose. The rep starts and finishes w/ feet together with the weight OH. Take step to initiate lunge bringing back knee to the ground making contact w/ the ground (wear knee pads if you’d like) then stepping back and bringing feet back together. **PENALTY** If at any point during the 15 minutes the sandbag makes contact with the ground a 10 rep synchronized Air Squat penalty will be placed. Yes, synchronized meaning you and your partner must squat below parallel at the same time and return to full extension at the same time. Throughout the WOD you may pass the sandbag to your partner while switching in and out of your designated workout area…in the field…behind the box. Bring your sunscreen, your shades, and a change of clothes because we’re doing this outside RAIN OR SHINE (excluding lightning, I guess we can bring it indoors and switch it up if there’s lightning).

10915307_1530218370583666_3513265551282952541_o (1)

Calling all of our athletes with a passion for the Olympic Lifts! Check out this event in Concord, New Hampshire…

Rumbler’s Inaugural First Timer’s Olympic Lifting Meet:


Hosted at Arkitect Fitness
78 Regional Drive
Concord, NH 03301

Event Description: “This meet will be for people who are competing in their first sanctioned USAW meet. One women’s session, one men’s session, with a total of 18 athletes in each. Get over the fear of competing by knowing that everyone you’ll be competing against will be a first timer as well!”

Registration is live! https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=211181&stype=-8&sVT=17&sView=day&sLoc=0

10426125_1535381166734053_6349580749697945273_nEver thought about competing but were too nervous to do it? Didn’t want to feel like everyone was better or stronger than you? This meet is designed specifically for you! Only first time competitors will be allowed. This is an opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to compete!

We are capping registration at 18 women, and 18 men. This is a sanctioned USAW Meet. To register with USAW please go here:


1144021_15316659533652Hey! CFNH!!
Dr. Jonathan is raising funds for heart disease and stroke research and education! Dr. JJ has done amazing things for us, including donating a BRAND NEW AED for our gym and has participated in every one of our community charity drives!! Please take a moment to read what it is all about through the following links:

Dr. J’s Homepage linked HERE.

Heart & Stroke Walk 2016 Event Details and Mission Purpose linked HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.27.40 PMRegister a team or support your comrades; CFNH has multiple teams competing in this event. Get some, freaks!

Read the following excerpt about the competition taken from the event homepage (found HERE): “This is a competition to measure your power! Partner up (M/F) and test your Bench, Deadlift, Snatch, C&J, followed by a sprint test. Results will be based off couples combined bodyweight. We are setting it up so you will sign up for a time, then be done in 2 hours.

Event 1 & 2 – Bench and Deadlift
Event 3 & 4 – Snatch and Clean&Jerk
Event 5 – Sprint Test

When you register, pick a start time. We will have 5 teams start every 20 minutes, then you will be done within 2 hours. $100 per team.”

imageThis Saturday Jaymes is undertaking a 26.2 mile ruck march with a mandatory 30+ lb weight carried in honor of the fallen who served our country. Participants and Jaymes will be carrying the names of those in memorial during this powerfully motivating event. Please come and support the athletes and veterans participating on Satuday, or feel free to heckle Jaymes to move faster via social media as he battles boredom and blisters on a lovely weekend. Thank you and good luck to Jaymes and his teammates, get some, freaks!

Tough Ruck Homepge found HERE