"... Aug 30th, and to me Joining CrossFit was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am a 50 year old working mother of 2 boys 10 and 12. I always have considered my self in shape, having successfully run 12 marathons over the last 10 years. But the reality of my fitness level came crashing down on fathers day 2011.

My husband, myself and our boys accompanied our good friends Laura and Jeff, both cross fitters, and their children on a hike up Mount Washington to one of the huts to stay overnight. I had noticed how in shape Jeff and Laura were, and particularly noticed the gradual change in Jeff a colleague of mine who I see at work almost everyday. Well, I was an ANCHOR on that hike, Laura basically ran up the mountain! I thought, I need to figure out what they have been doing and get in on that action. When we got to the top and settled in at the hut they told me about Cross Fit NH. I had never heard of it. They described what the work outs were, tough but efficient, as they had demonstrated as they smoked me up the mountain. I joined the following week.

I met Samy and the crew who instantly made me feel welcome and at home. Entering in the morning to Samy yelling MARILYN! YESSSS! is the motivation anyone would need to show up day after day. Samy's knowledge of the nutrition and its impact on your fitness level is exceptional, he can stand there and review the Kreb cycle to discuss how energy is made off the top of his head (weird yes, but impressive).

Cross Fit pushes you beyond your physical and mental comfort zones and shows you what you are truly capable of.


It not only makes you a better athlete but puts you into a different mental category of what you believe your limits can be. There is a tremendous amount of confidence that is built through achieving a tough workout. The workouts are meant to be achievable at many different fitness levels and scaled to help to build upon your base then to exceed to the next level. I do things today that I never would have imagined a year ago.

The entire community at CFNH has also contributed hugely to my development as CrossFitters as well. I have continually been amazed at the level of commitment and dedication CFNH members have displayed in their own personal endeavors but most importantly their support of the community both inside and outside the gym.

One morning I had to sneak a peek at the work out ... and my rant began,

'S*$%!, I hate kettleball swings, and %!#% oh %! I hate wall balls... WHAT THE $%%! Why Pull-ups?!'

Someone overheard me and asked point blank, 'Well, what exactly do you like?'

My answer?

'The People.'