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“…I had always been a gym rat.  Running, swimming, and lifting along with skiing and playing golf.  Then a series of injuries (Achilles and shoulder surgery) took the wind out of my sails.  I was told never to do overhead presses again and I was relegated to doing stair climbs and light weights.  Boredom set in.

My son Brendan had told me about CrossFit of NH and how he enjoyed it.  It sounded nuts.  He told me about the 2 old guys(Samy and Dan) who were really awesome and the workouts were insane.  I eventually decided to scope it out.

My first visit was an eye opener.  A crowded gym with loud music and tattooed athletes and huge weights crashing on the floor and people rushing around was so intimidating. But Dan came over and I signed up for the ramp course.  I left thinking,

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?”

The On-ramp course was good, it brought us ‘Noobs’ up to speed to really start training the way the program was designed.  At the end of our basics course I took a good look at the mix of people training together with the main CFNH daily WOD’s… I found brain turning critical of my age, shoulder, I asked myself,

“Will I be able to do that?” 

…And before I could answer I rolled out of bed and into the first AM training session among the athletes at CrossFit New Hampshire. In no time I was coming in daily to Samy greeting me with his,


I bought into it. I loved it. It brought me new life.

And yes, I learned to become strong and capable in the overhead lifts.  With significantly heavy weights… That continue to climb as my fitness continues to improve.

The excellent and patient instruction from Samy, Dan and Tiffanie spurred me on.  They were truly invested in me. I felt a member of a community. Everybody pulling for each other. No discrimination based on age, sex, race. Just real people trying to reach their potential one day at a time.

I was truly hooked from day one… and still am.

Thank you Samy, Tiffanie, and Dan.”

Samy Daghir

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