Friday 10.19.2018

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Congratulations to our October on-ramp graduates! Mustafa, Dan, Meghan, and Deb will be working out along side you in regular classes. Please welcome them to our community.

Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m
II. 2-3 rounds of
:15 x Ring Support
5 x Snatch Grip Deadlift
5 x Overhead Squat
5 x Snatch Balance
5 x Snatch
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Snatch Complex
Warm up as needed before working up in weight in the following Snatch complex.

Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

Notes: Today’s hang snatch will be completed at the knee.

Post loads to comments.

“Orionid Tabata”
Tabata x Hang Power Clean (95/65)
Rest 1 minute
Tabata x Ring Dips
Rest 1 minute
Tabata x Walking Lunges
Rest 1 minute
Tabata x Slamball (30/20)

Notes: The Tabata interval sequence today is 8 Rounds of :20 seconds of maximal effort work followed by :10 seconds of rest. Complete all 8 rounds of each movement before resting and moving on to the next task. Get some… freaks!

Score best/worst reps for each movement.

Post scores to comments.


3 thoughts on “Friday 10.19.2018”

  1. Clean Complex: 225# (power clean • hang clean • shoulder-to-overhead).

    “Orionid Tabata”: 6-11 • ? • 15-17 • 9-10 Rx / mod (subbed push-up for ring dips after a few rounds).


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