Tuesday 04.23.2019

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— Our Next On-Ramp class begins Tuesday, May 7th @ 6pm. Tell your friends!
On-Ramp Information Link found HERE.

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice
II. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Flight Simulator(s)
Complete one of the following, in Unbroken Sets, for time.

There will be a 12:00 Incentive Time Cap.

I. Double-unders x

II. Singleunders x

Notes: Complete each rung on the ladder unbroken before moving on. All the way up and down is a complete evolution.

Post time or rounds completed to comments.

The Tabata interval sequence is:
8 Rounds of
(:20 seconds of maximal effort work x :10 seconds of rest)

Complete the following according to this training protocol scoring high and low numbers from the 8 total attempts (total reps would be good data if recording doesn’t impeded performance/intensity of training execution).

– Ring Row
– Abmat Sit-ups
– Push Press (45/35lbs)

Post scores to comments.

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