Friday 08.28.2020

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Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. 2-3 Rounds for quality of
10 x Russian KB Swings
7 x Push-ups
10 x Hollow Rocks
III. Mobility & Yoga Poses

Notes: KB Shoulder Mobility Floor Drills, Banded Drills, etc.

Impact/Focus: Kettlebells & Learning Curves

  • Against a 12:00 Running Clock.
  • Complete each round of work alternating sides each rep; rest :30 between rounds.
  • Climb as high as possible up the ladder within the 12:00 working time limit.
  • Climb weight as able if applicable.
  • With a KB or DB complete each movement as
    1-Arm Snatch + Reverse Turkish Get-up

Example of training flow;
Round 1: 1 rep Left Arm + 1 rep Right Arm
Rest :30 seconds
Round 2: 2 reps Left Arm + 2 reps Right Arm
Rest :30 seconds
Round 3: 3 reps Left Arm + 2 reps Right Arm
Rest :30 seconds

… continue until time expires, scoring total repetitions and best weight lifted.

Post scores to comments.

Complete as many reps as possible per work interval, scoring total points across all movements and rounds (FGB! style).

4 rounds of

1:00 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
:15 seconds rest & transition
1:00 x Russian KB Swings (32/24kg)
:15 seconds rest & transition
1:00 x Toes-to-Bar
:15 seconds rest & transition
1:00 x Ring Dips

:75 seconds rest between rounds.


  • Adjust load on the Russian KB Swings as needed (Heavier or Lighter…).
  • Toes-to-Bar may be subbed to Hanging Knee Raises or V-ups/Tuck-ups as needed.
  • Ring Dips may be substituted as Push-ups, however this is a solid opportunity to sharpen this movement before we test “Elizabeth” on Monday. Deciding this today could either prioritize movement development or work output, discretion pending.

Post scores to comments as total reps achieved.

Samy Daghir

2 thoughts on “Friday 08.28.2020”

  1. Kettlebells & Learning Curves:
    Max reps – 34 Max weight – 55#

    77 reverse wall balls 20#
    74 Russian kb (24kg)
    29 T2B attempts – 7 connected!!!
    69 push ups

  2. Kettlebells & Learning Curves: 30 reps total 25/30/35/40/40
    Metronomic: 80/80/37/30 RX except ring dips done with blue band at hips


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