Wednesday 02.24.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Indoor Run
II. 3 Rounds of
5 x Clean & Jerk (full squat)
10 x Hollow Rocks
III. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Clean & Jerks + Barbell Cycling
Warm-up sets and reps building to a starting weight of 50-60% by moving from an empty barbell through two light to moderate weight sets of 2-3 reps each.

6 Rounds on the :90 seconds of

Clean & Jerk x 2,2,2 | 1,1,1

Then… Drop to a Met Con appropriate or multiple rep capable weight and complete the following;

4 Rounds of (:30 work x :90 rest)

Clean & Jerk x Max Reps


  • Beginning weights @50% to 60% of a Push Jerk or Clean & Jerk 1rm.
  • Athletes confident in the lifts today may climb across sets and reps seeking and destroying a new one rep record if they so desire.
  • Emphasis on developing stamina and strength in anticipation of personal rep record tests in the future; climb each set or two.
  • Learning, movement efficiency, work output & barbell cycling priorities should work all sets and reps at the same weight across; refining technique(s) and proficiency as able throughout.
  • Recent Training Examples to reference would be;
  • 09.21.2020 (link found HERE)
  • 02.01.2021 (link found HERE)
  • 02.08.2021 (link found HERE)

Post scores to comments.

“Vying Variables”
Climb as high up the Ascension Ladder as possible working as follows;

8:00 AMRAP of

Wallball (20/14lbs) x 5,10,15…
Dumbbell Devil’s Press (35/20lbs) x 3,6,9…
Clean & Jerk (115/85lbs) x 1,2,3…

2:00 REST; then continue with…

6:00 ARMAP of

Wallball x … carry on w/+5 reps per round
Dumbbell Devil’s Press x … carry on w/ +3 reps per round
Clean & Jerk x … carry on w/ +1 rep per round


  • Wallball climbs 5 reps per round, Dumbbell Devil’s Press climbs 3 reps per round, Clean & Jerk Climbs one rep per round.
  • Continue in the 6:00 AMRAP from where athletes stopped for their two minute rest period.
  • Scaling, Rx+ protocol, the Rx# (Octothorpe) protocol, and a surprise variable will be covered during the whiteboard brief prior to gear and athlete set-up/metcon movement warm-ups.
  • Spoiler Alert: Why not try out a whole new exercise called the Savage Slinky in place of those darn tough DB Devil’s Presses today…

Post scores to comments as total reps completed for both AMRAPs as one number.

Samy Daghir

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