Wednesday 08.04.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. Foam Rolling & Dynamic Series
III. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Prowler Sled, Bumper Push, C&J EMOTM
Warm-up sets/reps for the team wod practicing and establishing proper technique, weights, and strategy among teammates (12:00 +/- with the clock set to 1:00 intervals to help athletes keep on pace/tasks).

“Temporal Pincer Movement”
Teams of 2 athletes; complete 4 Rounds for total time (each athlete performs each task twice, switching each round).

Teammate 1 Task:
100ft x Prowler Sled Push (90/50lbs)
Row 30/24kcal
15 x Clean & Jerk (Full Squat @ 135/95lbs)

Teammate 2 Task:
Max Reps of one of the following choices
I. Turkish Get-ups (24/16kg)
II. Bumper Devil’s Press (45/25lbs)
III. Burpees

*Working while Teammate 1 sprints through their task, Teammate 2 earns one rep off of Teammate 1’s Clean & Jerks for every 2 x TGU’s, 4 x BDP’s, or 6 x Burpees completed. One task picked per round, athletes may fly change between rounds. Rest 1:00 between rounds. Rx+ 6 Rounds (@155/105lbs).

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Samy Daghir

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